Criminals in the Abstract

Although Josh has been keeping the updates semi-frequent, I do think we have an excuse that the other dudes can’t front on…Essentially all we do these days is dance, skate, game and drink a little bit, with emphasis on the first and last items. Attending demos on occasion doesn’t hurt either, but when the genius hometown hero walked in front of the camera and caused Josh to miss Supa’s switch popper over the picnic table, I feared I would be incacerated for murdering a sweaty child.

We also have several short films on the drawing board at the moment, with horny bee as the best boy gaffer. I encourage everyone to attend the Emerica/Harley demo as I’ve been told that Braydon Szyfranski will be there in the flesh!

This week my choices for things that rule (a new feature I will be trying to keep up every Monday) include the following: Ladies of leisure, mischief juice, comet 9 times a week, 3 hours of sleep for an entire weekend, Justin being in town, Sangei bringing the cat level to 5, and new additions to the arcade which I have yet to play. Now if you don’t mind, I’m a 31″..get me [link=]these[/link] immediately.