Have You Heard?

There is this new album out by this one band. I think it’s called Modest Mouse. Anyway, it’s really cool and everyone should check it out. If you don’t have the money to buy it, or can’t figure out how to steal it off the internet, listen for it in Hurry Up and Die.
Speaking of H.U.A.D, Josh Ellis is too busy at work to even worry about it. And when he’s not working, he will most likely be found in the confines of the “no mashing zone”. So you kids can stop bothering him about the video. I am guessing that the sequel (Hurry Up and Die II – Juba’s Revenge) will be out before you can pronounce aaslkjwiueoq’OSDJjjfiissssshs;;;a;;;;ierery?kkakqkwk. (a few of those letters are silent. guess which ones and win!)
Anyway, I am itching to get the hell out of Madison and back to Milwaukee. July won’t come soon enough. In the mean time, meet me at the Brookfield park every Saturday at 3:30 post meridian.

Take care and I love you all,