Hot Oven Toasted Subs Are Here!

We’ve been on such a roll with the updates that I didn’t want to blow it by missing a day.

I made it over to the dentist today, and he wrote me a prescription for antibiotics and painkillers before he even looked at my teeth. Dude was so stoked too. “Don’t take those with a six pack……YEAH RIGHT!!” and then winked at me. I still didn’t schedule a removal yet, so back to being a tough guy it is. It’s way too nice outside to be laid up for a couple of days, anyway, I hate Jello.

Otherwise, I’ve been trying to think of ways to keep myself motivated to update the site everyday, and I came up with a little idea. I’m going to try to post a photo and then write a little bit about it. A story, a tidbit of info, a proclamation, a manifesto, a writ, whatever it needs. Then I realized that that’s basically what the frontpage of Crailtap is. But whatever, I’m going to do it anyway. We’re also bringing a photographer by the name of Tobiah Duetsch on board with some front page updates. You might have seen some of his photos in some Midwestern publications, and he’s a great dude to boot. Hopefully Wiskate can be returned to the level of glory it was once at.

I will try to update later before the town is hit. While Lord Cru is rocking the NYC right now, Mini-Bee is coming up to try to fill in for him. It’s definitely a tough position to fill, but I know he will give it his best. And that is all that matters. See you all at the Planet!