Huge Wizard Competition

“Who is going to be the NBA Jam champion??”

In answer to Josh’s question: I will. The rest of you will be able to recognize me by noting that I generally win by at least 20-30 points and am “on fire” for most of the game. I’ll also be dominating the Mortal Kombat 2 machine whenever I decide to take a break from raining 3’s and dunks upon everyone in my path. The actual park is going to be more fun than any park I’ve ever skated, but due to the heavy gaming activity, all of my muscles will go into severe atrophy. I will then be forced to skate vicariously through everyone by connecting a gamepad to some arbitrary point in the park viewing area and convincing myself that I’m controlling people with it, therefore participating in skateboarding at the lowest possible level. Make sure to bring lots of costume changes, as I