love in a trashcan: nyc xmas parties #3

i heart party. the beer ran out fast and i was told it tasted like soap. there was an ubundance of cute girls tho. good thing i have game. (sarcasm) “i came here to get a beer and all i got was a headache” overheard in reference to the band playing. good party tho jill! i saw you were toasted! (me and jill) – i never found that mistletoe either. moving right along.

thursday night brings us the fader magazine/cornerstone promotion holiday party complete with open bar all night. good thing im a big drinker (more sarcasm)

not much else to report on. maybe a second update or revised update later?!

p.s. to lord cru, tim and josh – the immortal tupac or is it 2pac? in any event, he once sang “ya got to keep ya head up”. so, umm.. keep that head up bros