Love Is Not A Ghost

Reference that picture of the insane looking stormy night sky Mr. Twister posted below, and then imagine trying to light up a grill as said storm is rolling in. To add insult to injury, now imagine that you don’t have any lighter fluid, so maybe you get the great idea of trying to burn a bunch of paper under the coals to get them going. Now, as you can surmise, when a storm looking like that is rolling in, there’s plenty of wind blowing crap around. What happens what you burn paper? Exactly, flaming pieces of paper flying throughout the neighborhood. There always comes a point when you just have to give up, and that was it. But the brat dream didn’t die there.

The rain was pounding against the window panes, and the lightning was illuminating the night sky, but we were on a mission. A brat mission. Beer was poured into a pan, the stove lit without any burning paper, and Tim boiled those brats like the seasoned pro he is. As we watched Mookie pass away and Pookie bring him back to life with the magic of 1984 technology, we downed those delectable brats, effectively showing a big middle finger to the gods who tried to throw salt in our brat game.

Whoever edited Lil’ B’s part in the Shortys video Guilty needs to be given a medal or the equivalent of a skateboarding Oscar. I haven’t seen such an amazing use of wipes and effects since I was watching the TV nerds in high school TV class using Video Toaster on an Amiga. This was pre digital video cameras, mind you. They go all out here giving us collages of lifestyle shots, smooth cuts that make sense, relevant and entertaining animations, dragon wipes, and to top it all off, gun shot sound effects. Not to mention the song is provided by Lil’ B himself! Not only can he switch corn (with gunshot landing) the carlsbad gap, but the dude can rap like you wouldn’t believe. I’m calling it right now…highest point ever in skateboarding cinema. There’s no point in trying to compete.

If that last paragraph provides me with hate mail of some sort, I will be the happiest man alive.

The tree outside my window here has already lost almost half of its leaves. It’s even smelling like fall out there. It might make some people unhappy, but skating-wise this is definitely the best part of the year. Truth be told, I don’t even like to skate during the summer. I get out there a couple of times a week at the most. During fall though, I want to skate every single day. Too bad that one thing, winter, comes after. What a bummer.

Photo of the day #12

I’m really into shooting photos with super shitty cameras. This one was taken with a toy camera that shoots a sequence of four photos in one frame of 35mm film. The photo is of John Rockafellow almost breaking his foot off trying to backside 180 nosegrind that bar on the fence. He made it out of that one alive, and landed the trick a couple tries later.

We also filmed the 360 flip and ollie line in this video clip on the same street, same block, same session. To top things off, the final ender ender in Beez 2 was done by Mike, same session, same block. I guess that day as they say, the block was hot. Hot if you like to skate really shitty spots, that is.