Pole Jams and God

I have trouble getting people to go shoot photos early in the morning. It’s really no wonder why. Most skate kids are out partying til the wee hours of the morning. I am too. But a Sunday morning is usually the best time to sesh the spots that are normally a super duper bust. Theres no one around and it’s easy to get lots of stuff done quick. Last weekend I got Noah all stoked on skating in the morning. It was a little fridged out, but it was nice over all… blue bird skys and sunny. We decided to meet in the third ward and try to get a photo at a spot that we ALWAYS get busted at. But to warm up, Noah wanted to try some other stuff, I said… OK, and we headed out to find something else to screw with.

We quickly found this pole jam. Or beam jam or… whatever you want to call it. It would have been nice if it were angled just a bit more. But beggers can’t be choosers. As I was standing around trying to get a angle on this pole jamer I happened to look at the bar near by. It was two stories with a patio on the roof and look abandoned. My attention was quickly pulled from the front of this crap hole to the back end on the patio. There stood a man. All in white. Standing still as could be. I looked at him for a quick second and then looked away. He was motionless. I looke again and couldn’t help but notice that this dude had stark white hair, a white sweatshirt and white pants on.

He looked like God. On the back roof of some old dumpy bar.

I was kinda freaked out. I didn’t know if I should stare, or look away. Or if he/it was even real. I deecided that he was a manaquin cause he didn’t move at all for like 3 or 4 mintues. I should have taken a photo of him, but I had this shitty fish eye lens on and it’s hard to see anything that far away with that lens.. in hindsight I still should have. With the technology that they have at the CSI lab here in Milwaukee, I probably could have gotten the DNA from his beard off of my photo and pinned a rape on him that he commited in ’79 back in Alberquerque. Oh well. Anyway, Noah landed this little trick thingy, and we started to leave, but not before I noticed the dude was gone. I was freaked out. I bet he was just the drunk from the bar that lived upstairs, but I want to know how his white sweatshirt and pants were so white. What bleach does he use? And how does he not spill salsa on them while he watches Malcom in the Middle reruns? Damn I’m vexed.

Noah Staller… Stallin’ some beam.