Somethin’ Aint Right.

Only two more days until “the real” Old Dude Night this Wednesday. Considering your pathetic existence, you might want to make sure you’re there. What else do you have to live for? I know, it’s sad but true. 25% off admission for anyone 25 and older. Cream City.

Last time I updated, I mentioned that Josh had picked up Guitar Hero II and I have to admit that shit is fun. I only play on easy so I can at least finish a song, but I still feel like a retard and it is now apparent to me that I have no musical skills whatsoever. It’s fun to play the game and look at stuff right when you’re done as it induces some sort of hallucination and everything looks like it’s swaying around. It also attracts girls to our testosterone ridden household and even if they are drunk and annoying, it’s better than the pole parties that are commonplace on any given Friday night.

My girlfriend and I went to see that new Will Ferrel movie; Stranger Than Fiction the day after we watched Elf, so I am now the world’s biggest Will Ferrel fan. I kind of have this feeling that Will is going to wind up like Farley and end up in an early grave. I dont know what it is, but he seems like the happy on the outside kind of clown. I knew this girl that kicked it with Farley in Madison and she told me he was one of the most depressed people she ever met. I think Ferrel is the same way.

Speaking of being someone’s biggest fan, I am also now Chris Haslam’s biggest fan. The other day before Old Dude Night, I went to Phase II and picked up the last Pussbeard. That makes three pussbeards aquired and skyrockets me to Haslam fan number one. After this one is gone, there will be an empty place in my heart that can never be filled (unless someone sends me unlimited pussbeards). I didn’t even get one for the wall to look at. I will be half the man I used to be.

Gabe was in town this weekend and I went skating with him and Josh which resulted in barely any skating but some more off the wall extreme sporting which we now simply refer to as poging. I dont really want to get into explaining all this so I am going to let the photos do all the work as I, myself need to go to work in a few minutes.

Those dudes were hyped on the method grab. I personally would have gone japan.

These were ALL makes.

Later nerds.