The first day I ever met him he said: “Hi, I’m Ritchie White. I’m on probation.”

We went skating last Saturday.

Pat Forster – Frontside Boardslide to pop over the knobby in an alley somewhere. I have a version with better lighting, but Pizzy’s feet were goofy looking. Nice one Pat. Or perhaps, nice one me. But yet again, another example of the awesome spots we skate.

Here’s a much better lit photo of Pizzy in the same alley. Pizzy, I think we’re goign to have to give you an intervention soon. On the right we took it to another awesome spot where the landing was covered with broken glass. That didn’t stop Tim from doing…

…nipple high mute jumpers off the vaguely angled loading dock. I’m not really sure that it’s angled so much as it’s on a hill and just stays level. Either way Tim wasn’t skerred of the broken glass and he blasted like a champ. In more ways than one, too.

This homemade spot got all messed up, so we made our own homemade spot on top of the old homemade spot and Neal Shah did a backside nosepick on it.

We ended the day at this spot. There were a bunch of people practicing a choreographed dance right next to the run up and were totally psyching out the Pizz. I had to keep telling him that he needed to get dead serious and land this 5-0 fakie (which he had already done before, like five years ago) if he hoped to “blow up” and someday end up on Fuel Tv. He got so stoked that he landed it the very next try. Nothing gets Pizzy going more than Fuel Tv does.

We’ll end this with two more things that I’m really into, backyard cookouts:

And animals!

Stay horn.