Mini Video 94 – Bushcraft

Feeling inspired after making “Blue Building”, I set out to recapture that feeling. For the first video of 2022 I used the same Hi-8 cam I used in the late 90s, fisheye screwed on with step-up ring, and fully auto settings.  Just turn on the camera and go –  caveman style – focus, exposure, shutter speed, and white balance don’t exist in this beautiful world.  

I must admit that the camera did have some downfalls in the harsh Wisconsin winter conditions.  It was in the teens Fahrenheit for some of this, so batteries had to be kept warm in pockets or they’d last approximately four minutes.  All weapons have their weaknesses.

Skating by: Max Murphy, Vince Stranc, Josh Ellis, Bradford Bishop, Sean Hanley, Drew Rickaby, Payne Counihan, Gabe Chan, and Nick Mistele.

The Sony TRV-120. 450x digital zoom. (up to) 12 hours battery life. “Nightshot” 0 Lux. A glorious weapon.

“Bushcraft” production stills by Bradford Bishop:

Max Murphy – Lower Level Wall Plant
Vince Stranc – Wall to Grabber
Josh Ellis – Wallride Fakie
James Brick, up close w/ nightvision. During the day. Think about it.
Drew Rickaby – Backside Kickflip
Sean Hanley – Nollie Backside Kickflip
Vince Stranc – Wallie
Vince Stranc – Wallie Boardslide
Max Murphy – 50-50 Hippie Jump
Max Murphy – Frontside Bluntslide
Payne Counihan – Boardslide
Sean and Drew, Bushcraft Legends