Rewind: Mini Video 01

Originally posted November 22, 1999. The one that started it all! Big news.

This is a reasonably accurate recreation made using the raw footage. I was too lazy to make a perfect copy of the excellent(?) typography employed in the original video.

Trivia: This wasn’t actually called “Mini Video 01” at the time. How could I know? The file is called “ben vance promo.mpg”.

The original web clip is 320×240 and the frame rate was lowered to 20 fps. The file size was less than one meg.

At the time, it would’ve taken the viewer around 10-15 minutes to download the clip onto their computer. From there they could load it up into their video player of choice. That is, if they remembered where they saved the file on their computer. There was no such thing as a web based video clip player.

A screenshot of some late 90s tech tips. There was a lot more effort involved in this whole thing.
And of course, a quick comparison of how bad the image quality was back then.
Hi! From the 90s.
Enhance! The PC where this video was edited. It was probably something like a pentium 125, and it probably had both Roller Coaster Tycoon and Doom installed.
Enhance! The fuel that kept me fired up for those long editing sessions to make 10 second long videos.