17 Songs to Listen to While Driving Around in a Toyota Tercel in the 1990s

I asked Bill Kaschner (notable fisherman & owner of Cream City Skatepark) to make a mix that would represent and symbolize how he lived his life in his favorite car he ever owned – a 1989 Toyota Tercel w/ a custom audio system. While this car is certainly blessed simply by being Bill’s all-time favorite automobile, it also has an extra special notch in its proverbial belt – it was featured on a FTC t-shirt!

Setting – Cass Street School – mid-1990s. Keith Hufnagel skates towards the ultra steep bank ramp and blasts a backside flip for the ages. A shutter snaps capturing this small slice of time. History is made, and the Tercel happened to be there. Right place, right time.

Break out your subwoofers, cook up a Jack’s Pizza, and live like Bill did two decades ago.