2 Sansas 1 Cup or the Sky High 30 Year Anniversary

This past Saturday Sky High Skateboard Shop celebrated 30 years of existence. Sky High has been a key component to skating in this city for as long as I can remember. Endless years of skate Jams, trips, video premieres, high fives, and beers. The shop means everything! Here’s to 30 more!

Here are some of the activities that took place:

Max Murphy – Melon

Taylor Lalk – Backside Lipslide

Dustin Ciborsky – Frontside Bluntslide

Timmy Johnson – Backside Tailslide

Timmy Johnson – Backside Noseblunt

Max Murphy – 50-50

Jackson Roman – Blunt Fakie

Taylor Lalk – Backside Nosegrind

Dustin Ciborsky – Frontside Wallride

Danny Stemper – Death Corner Carver

Danny Stemper – Rock N Roll