5 lbs. Of Tater Tots.

Just a few things I would like to touch on tonite.

First, why would Mark Appleyard leave a lame shoe company (C1RCA) for another lame shoe company (Globe)? It must be all about the money, because last time I checked, the Tensor colorway Rodney Mullen shoes were the ugliest things out there (and the rest of the line follows suit). I really hope he designs something decent for them, but by the looks of his all neon green C1RCA shoe that just came out, I don’t really see that happening.

Closer to home there’s a few things you ought to know.

There is a new shop opening in Madison (Middleton) by the name of Alumni. Long time Flying Fish employee Derek Apel and former professional skateboarder Dave Mayhew are holding the reigns and making it happen. They already have a pretty solid team that includes Andrew Norris, Nick and Jack Richardson and Travis Erickson. Derek tells me they are trying to open on the 15th of this month, so make sure you get over there and check it out.
The address is;
2413 Allen blvd.
Middleton, WI
And the phone number is (608).827.8829.

If you guys didn’t know, they have been trying to get a skatepark built in Madison for about the last 100 years. Well, they finally got the land from the city and are now in the process of raising money for the park. On March 20th, there is a skatepark benefit show at the High Noon Saloon. Check the flyer for more details.

Make sure you get out there and support a good cause. Those guys are working really hard to get a skatepark built for you. Thank them for it.