Hello there… I’m Nate Joski. You may remember me from such notable skateboard websites as and the Barn Crew myspace page. I moved out to Los Angeles seven years ago and became a Hollywood big shot, saw Eric Koston in a bakery and spotted Lizard King at the mall, even skated the Berrics a few times. Eventually I got burnt on the scene, got married, and later became a dad. Now I’ve returned to Wisconsin to live the modest lifestyle of a stay at home dad.

Since free time is fairly nonexistent these days I’ll post up some relics from the past that I’ve dug out just for you. Here’s a little Estabrook montage I filmed sometime in 2009 and edited together like 5 years later. It was a lawless mess around that place and I definitely contributed to the scatter of soggy wooden obstacles .

Speaking of lawless times… Here’s a video from our second “Gnarbeque” we put on.  We had no idea what we were doing, but it was a lot of fun.

“Estabroke” shirt Nick Sommer and I made for the Gnarbeque modeled by a young Pat Murphy.

And last stop on my little estabrook nostalgia trip: here’s a screen shot of the short lived Estabrook website I made. Zero donations collected, haha! I’m so stoked on all the time and hard work people have put into estabrook and hope I can help out on builds in the future.

’til next time dudes, it feels good to be back.