A Different Shade of Lavender

We skated last weekend.

Tim was doing the most insane flatground rocket airs while The Carn cheered him on. I know it’s hard to see, but Carn was rocking a brand new set of those velveteen Krux trucks. On his first 50-50 attempt he must have grinded at least ten feet past where the ledge was even waxed. I could see him trying to jump off aborting the 50-50 mission, but he was stuck on his board grinding like there was no tomorrow. The grind did eventually end, and I will forever look at velvet in a different light. On the right Pizzy reflects upon this newfound silky Z-Roller.

Just as Cru had mentioned in his below post, he is a new owner of a graduate degree. What a happy boy! You can just look at him and see how great he feels. We had spent the afternoon before this drinking 5pm Tilts and playing the Wii for hours while listening to records on my one speaker stereo system. Cru was always mere points away from going pro, but couldn’t quite pull the trigger. Right before this picture was taken he had finally gone pro. Maybe that is what he was so happy about. Just a theory.

This ledge is a new addition to our arsenal of skatespots. The Zone was getting wacky with a slip foot to tailslide. I took the photo too late, but whatever, it makes me LOL so we’ll run with it. On the right we have Gabe doing a switch flip to backside tail. He claimed shove it out was easier, so he landed on that a couple of times but never really rode away. I like the photo, so we’ll run with that too. I hate to be the first person to ever in the history of skateboarding to use a photo on a website or a magazine of a trick that was never landed, but someone has to do it.

On Tuesday Carn decided to make another visit. He wanted it to be a surprise but Tim totally ruined it when I called to ask if I should get some cookin’ out food. “Yeah, but get enough for three”. Too bad Carn is a total loser and was too “good” to cook out with us. He got a salad instead.

We knew Stemper was coming. What we didn’t know is that he was bringing a little surprise of his own. And what a great surprise it was! Ben Vance rolling in with a whipped cream tub filled with tofu and onions and a six pack of Mountain Creek ($2). Perfect.

Stemp braved the smoke and modeled the tasty line up. On the right, Molly pretty much likes nothing more than a cookout. It’s great to see an old friend so stoked.

Dining with Vance is quite an experience. To make up for him brightening our day so much, it was our turn to brighten up his. Ben’s first foray into the world of Wii Bowling! I’ll have to admit that he’s quite the natural. He made some strikes and whatnot, and his different take on everyday life translated into his Wii Bowling style. Wacky angles, slow motion rolls, backwards approaches, anything went. It was quite the time.

Then of course we have Tim. Tim is the most serious Wii Bowler in the history of Wii Bowling. It must kill him inside that I have the household high score. Just pure internal murder.

Finally, a little self celebration. If Cru can do it, so can I. Mine is much more materialistic but we all have our hang ups. A Canon 5d and a set of NOS lavender Beartrap pedals arrived in the mail yesterday. Life has never been quite so photographic and 80’s.