A little story from AK titled: Jamocha shakes and five for five at Arbys.

“Who names their fucking kid Arby anyway? Poor dude was probably fat as a christmas pig and wanted everyone else to pork up so they couldnt make fun of his tub-of-lard-ass anymore. Seriously, 5 for 5??? I used to be so psyched when that deal came around because i would run over from Everythings a Dollar, drop 5 for 5 then house the shit outta those things! Granted the next day i could barely wake up and when i finally did i would realized i had some red hot Horsey Sauce on deck but wasnt able to pinch it all day cuz first i was too late to school to shit…which by the way is insanity…then wouldn’t dare let that firecracker out at school of all places.
“Adam.Whats up with that huge pimple on your cheek?”
“5 for 5, brah.”
“Word. Did you get a Jamocha?”
“Does the pope shit in the woods?”
And why did Arbys of all places have the forsight to be making blended coffee drinks since like the seventies? Remember the Jamocha? Coffee, chocolate shake mix, frozen, Delicious! Starbucks didnt come up with that shit, Arby did.
Arby: Genius.
And remember how they tried to be all classy by having that frenchy dipping sauce? What the hell was that? Au Jus! Who was Arby kidding? I mean i ate the stuff and loved it all but, Au Jus?
Just call it what it is: beef broth.” – AK