A Taste.

This past weekends record breaking warm temperatures got me thinking about how many memorable days I’ve had on days like those. Most of “The Best Days Ever” usually take place during those hot, long days. Here’s an example taken one day in August, 2004.

The day started off with a trip to the dog park, always a great place to be. This is when I found out that Molly likes to frolic in mud puddles and hates being rinsed off in water fountains. Later we apparantly drove super far to the north-ish side because we were shredding at dinoland. You gotta love skating abandoned mini golf courses full of Wacky Americana skate obstacles that always look interesting on film. I think we filmed some stuff for Beez 2 there.

How often do you get to visit a toilet full of panties? Well, that summer, I did at least five times because I had to show it to everyone, but that’s beside the point. This was the expedition that finally delved a few layers deep into the pantie strata and found that below the panties lay a layer of poop. Amazing. To this day, the mystery of who put the panties there has never been solved. Can you crack the case?

This was also the day I skated the first “street” fullpipe I ever skated in my life. Basically meaning, not in a skatepark. It’s kind of something I thought would never happen, but now these things just seem to be cropping up everywhere. Honestly though, this first one was the best, I think. It was super smooth inside, there weren’t huge welds between the sections, and you didn’t have to brave any wilderness or cross any rivers to get to it. It’s gone now, so feel free to shed a tear. If you read that as “shred a tear”, you definitely win.

While this was a great and very memorable day, one D. Stemper has proposed that this summer is going to be the best one ever, and I’m hoping for an improvement of a factor of ten. Time will tell.