All the prayers in the world can’t bring you back

Answer to Tim: YES!

…but perhaps my piss-poor knowledge/interest of/in video games sort of levels the field.

So it’s official, my factory stereo in my tricked out ride took its final shit today. You might ask, “But Lord Cru, it’s been on shaky ground for so long! What could’ve possibly happened?” Well, you know the ol’ tape deck hook ups for cd players/ipods? Yeah, the ones from 1989…..Well, the cord came off and the tape is stuck in the deck sideways. No radio, no ipod, nothing. So now Josh can finally stop dissing the shit out of my stereo..because it doesn’t exist any more! Never born!

Mrs. Lord Cru is in recovery from surgery right now, so I better tend to her. If anyone wants to provide a few dollars for a new stereo, I’d be more than happy to accept. I need to get it can only go so long without listening to Burzum while driving.