Anti Pre-fast Explosion

Where has the time gone? I’m not quite sure, but I did just acquire two old D&D monster manuals and reading about the lifestyles of Displacer Beasts and the various types of Beholders is quite time consuming. Did you know most Beholders have eleven eyes and each eye has a different magical power? Now you do. I did also just recently strap a burrito to the luggage rack of a moped with bungee cords, but that didn’t take that much time. I also learned carb cleaner will dissolve the frost liner inside a can of CL. That concludes what I have been up to.

What I haven’t been up to is taking photos. These following are from not last weekend, but the one before. We’ve been out skating a lot, but mostly concentrating on filming, I suppose. Sometimes it’s a pain to try to do both. Or I’m just lazy.

Max Murphy – Nosegrind 180

Tj Bohach – Frontside Bluntslide

Max Murphy – Lipslide a Log

Beautiful love.

Brats in the vicinity makes a happy wonk.