Attaining total douche status

On Friday I skate over at the cream with Uncle Aaron, Peepers and Damian. I’m pretty sure everyone had a good time, and Uncle A and I went down the stairs a few times. Actually I think we all went down the stairs. Old dudes, small stairs that seem bigger than they are. It was tragically perfect. This week has been kind of haphazardly executed, with far too few thrash sessions and far too many medicine sessions. As I sit here in a cafe writing this, I’m trying to reclaim myself and convince my head that it needs to stay in the game for the rest of the month. It’s going to happen…I’m going to keep it together!

In the other stuff, things been pretty good. Even though I went to jail last week for swimming, things were okay. Yes, we were jailed for jumping the fence at a pool. Apparently it was an inherently political act, as a furious shit-storm of a debate has arisen around the events that transpired. Personally, I just wanted to get wet, but Anarchy 99 had a different agenda. All turned out okay though, and I met some great dudes in there. KIT dudes, BJF! Myspace me soon!

MP was actually okay on Friday, even if Skateboard P escaped a secret treat. See the pics below for a more detailed exploration. If anyone is curious, ginger yerba mate is probably the best tea ever. It works wonders for the fuzzy head. I went to my cottage and fished, caught one small northern and called it a day/weekend. Josh, Juniper and I went to see A Sliver Mt. Zion and although the Ellis might say otherwise, the show was pretty epic. I enjoyed it thoroughly and even bought a record album.

Weekly rads=A Sliver Mt. Zion killing it, not being in jail today, secrets, going to my cottage, not remembering anythng anymore, non-alien alien pics, carob rice cakes, end of leisure days, dreams of yuba, yerba mate again, cavi-art, my dehydrator coming soon, raw binges and NYC again soon.

After this, I’m really glad P pulled through. We love you P!