Baby, I Can’t Wait

Could yesterday have been a better day to be skateboarding outside? Tim and I spent a couple hours skating flatground on the street in front of the house waiting for Mini-Bee to arrive via the wastelands of suburban Chicago. A couple of new tricks were invented and I got oiled up like never before. After Mini arrived, we took it to the streets and got a few Beezy items on tape to tantilize you with at a later date.

After the skating past time was out of the way, it was time for the party past time. Mad Planet was definitely a weird scene last night. Since I was on Dr. Wacky’s prescribed pain killers, I really couldn’t drink. Not that I didn’t try beforehand though. I slammed down one of those all natural Tilt malt liquors and wow, did that really do a number. As soon as the pills wore off though, I was feeling much better and managed to drink a party soda or two. Sadly, all the peeps were out in full force, yet it wasn’t that epic. Why? Who knows. We took it to the after party at Big P’s and all I know is that Radar ran away like three times, once ending up inside Onopa possibly drinking a beer, possibly not. I left the after party as he once again ran away and Sam and Shindel were making dives for him and coming up empty handed.

Photo of the day #1

The first installment of photo of the day comes from a McDonalds parking lot somewhere in Wisconsin. I went along with the Northern Athletik team a few years ago team as they were doing a demo at Undercover Skatepark in Appleton. For some reason Nate made a visit to a thrift store beforehand and picked up a wacky hat for everyone to wear. As you can see, he did not disappoint. The sad part is, I had one too, but I have no idea what it was. Anyway, the demo went pretty well if I remember right.

Alright, it’s time to go wake up Mini Bee and eat some party sandwiches. Carn, Jazzercise, and The Zone are on their way here from Chicago, it’s perfect outside, I’m already on pain killers, and there’s shit to be done. ‘Til next time…