Balzac, Balthazar, and Birry

Something must be in the air, because just like Mini-Bee has been reporting via his online blog-journal, it’s 401k fever! Unlike M.B. I didn’t get to view any informational videos. I was just given an financial information booklet, a retirement planning calculator, and some worksheets. It’s often said that one learns something new everyday, and today is no exception. Via the worksheets, I’ve learned that I’m a moderately aggressive investor! Since I’ve already started taking Centrum Silver, and this finally signing up for my 401k plan, obviously my golden years will be years of frolicking in sunlit wheat fields and no worries whatsoever. Can’t wait.

Lord Cru seems to be M.I.A., but he’s reported to me that he’s on day 8 of sobriety and going strong. And going crazy. What exactly this means, I’m not sure, but you guys will be the first to know if anything goes wrong, because I’ve somehow become his sponsor. I think that mostly entails backrubs and spotting him while he does his squats, but either way, I got your back Cru.

I was happy to see that Munz over at The Plat may be a budding fan of real life cop drama. I know exactly what episode of Cops he’s talking about concerning the kicking of the kiddie pool off the dudes hiding under it. A memorable moment in the annals of Cops history to be sure. If you’re into that though, try this on for size…in our household 5pm is owned by one man. That man is Sherrif John Bunnell (retired). He’s the host of “World’s Wildest Police Videos“, and needless to say, this shit is off the proverbial hizzy. One episode a guy in Thailand or Taiwan or something like that just went wacky and was swinging machetes at a bunch of police officers. Do these guys pull out their guns and shoot him? No dice, they don’t even have guns. Instead, they opt to chase him onto some railroad tracks with sticks and rakes. The crazed machete guy was feeling good that he was in a new wide open area, and was ready for another attack. It was a clever ruse though, because the police had a trick up their sleeve. They had their sharpshooter ready to ambush, and ambush he did. You might be imagining some guy with a gun taking care of machete dude, but no way, the camera pans over, and the “sharpshooter” has a damn bow and arrow! It was seriously one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life. Bow and arrow guy takes his cue and blasts crazy machete with an arrow with no hesitation. With that, the stick and rakes crew were easily able to overtake him, and the segment ended. Obviously kiddie pool antics are pretty funny, but this shit is next level.

Oh, there’s some other guy on the show named C.W. Jensen. We decided that “C.W.” stands for “Cool Weiner”.

Is this site still about skateboarding? I’m thinking about going later. Oh, don’t forget about Old Dude Night tomorrow at Cream City either. Notice, I capitalized “Old Dude Night”. That means it’s legit now.

Photo of the day #7

This is one of the first photos I ever took with my first SLR. That dates it to probably around December 1998. I was just taking the new cam outside to try it out a little bit, and I went in a crappy old shed we had in my backyard. I found this little guy hissing at me from inside a tipped over metal cubby hole thing and I just kind of stuck the camera in there and snapped a photo. Still the best photo of an opossum I’ve ever taken, hands down.