Being a walking billboard can seem so cool

So, I know a lot of people with tattoos. I know a lot of people with stupid tattoos. I know a lot of poeple with skateboard tattoos. I think it is cool to get something that means a lot to you. And we all know that some skateboard graphics are amazing. Hell, my best friend has a pushead graphic on her back. Or some diehard fans supporting brands they have been skating or magazines they have been reading forever. But, I think this girl might have taken it a bit to the extreme. But that is cool now-a-days right?

Since I work at Black Box I answer all the emails from the websites. This girl sent me an email today saying:

“Hey there!!
You guys/gals may think i’m crazy for this..but I think Fallen is such a kick ass skate company! I did this last feb to show my love for it:

Love always,

Now I would like to reference that before last Febuary, Fallen had been around for only 6 months….

That’s not even a thing like “man I like this slogan, or I like this graphic” This is like “Man I love this T-Shirt… Can I have this tattooed on my back!”