Bent Poles and Casseroles.

What has it been, like 6 months? Well, I’m back and ready to fill your meaningless lives with utter joy and elation.

This weekend I am putting the finishing touches on moving in with Josh. It’s going to be wild. 4 cats and a dog? 5 arcade machines? Cable AND internet? I am beginning to understand why his old roommate never left his room. However, I am not as much of a pussy and will dominate Challenger and Ms. Pac on a daily basis. Oh, and last night I got my first glimpse of a certain movie with Bobby DeNiro as a leather clad, “party size” undercover cop. What do you think party size means? Email me at and let me know. There has been a bit of a disagreement about it.

As far as skateboarding goes, it’s been good. Alot of late afternoon (or after Josh’s nap) sessions that don’t dissapoint. Lord Cru has been killing it and beezy moves happen quicker that the eye can blink.

I guess Summerfest is going on right now, but I have no idea when 3rd Eye Blind is playing, so you will have to figure that out on your own.

Tomorrow is the skate jam at Fritche middle school. Wear a red hanky in the back left pocket of your pants to let everyone know what you stand for.