Bill’s Holding Down “Top Three”

Not that I need to go over it again, but that pic of Bill DEFINITELEY solidifies the “top three people in the world” ranking. I know…I missed my Saturday update. I assure you though, I was very productive. I was barely on my couch, and I surely did not make up the hours of TV I’ve missed watching since I forsake the tube when I was 16.

General update? I’m working on getting some interviews for the site. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but one of my prospective vict…ahem…subjects is a great tr..guy. So look out for that, along with some “man on the street” reports in the near future. Yield on Friday’s forever? I think it’s official.

In terms of school updates, I have two large projects to complete before I can call it a semester, and guess what? I’m avoiding doing one of those projects as we speak! Amazing!!! I have to hand in grades soon, so that’s kind of exciting.

Cream City-I was there earlier today, and it looks as though construction should be nearing completion quite soon indeed!

Finally, I would like to supply you all with my list for baby Jesus’ birthday. If you are an atheist, or some other godless heathen, you can consider it a get-well present for Mrs. Lord Cru. All I really want this year is gift certificates to several of my favorite stores…first, you can get me something from here Now, you better make the certificate for at least $1000, as the store is kind of pricey, and I’d hate to not get what I really want. Next, you can get me a certificate for this place any amount will do here, just as long as it’s at least enough to get something that doesn’t suck. Finally, if you wouldn’t mind getting a statue made of me that looks something like this, it would be great, as Mrs. Lord Cru has been bugging me to get a statue made since last Christmas. She wants to be able to look out into our front yard and see me as a powerful seaman.