Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos.

Yesterday I got my first dose of winter depression. This isn’t getting any easier – even after 33 years of it.

The other day, randomly, Public Enemy played on my Winamp and was I hyped. Since then I’ve been on a P.E. rampage, yelling about everything and hating on whitey. I even have gone as far as sending my application to join the S1W’s. However, I don’t think I can be an anti-semite. Sorry, Griff. I feel these guys though. My parents grounded me once and I declared war on whitey for holding me down. I didn’t even get 40 acres and a mule after that week was over. Just like whitey. Damn crackers.

On a lighter note, this previously mentioned depression I am dealing with could be thwarted by the opening of a certain indoor skate facility. I think I am going to use the anger fueled by my new best friend; Chuck D, to attack each obstacle like it has been persecuting my people for over 500 years. Watch out rail , I’m going to crack the whip on you!

Wow, what a racially powered update.