Today’s photo of is Mr. John Osmanski. John is an engineer. And dare I say, smarter than you… or me for that matter. He talks in maths and algorithims. On this particular day a couple of years back, we happened to be hanging out at a mini ramp party near Hales Corners. The party was aptly dubbed the Mustachio Bashio. Everyone at said party had to have on a mustache. It was mandatory. The ladies had on little black felt ones, the younger gentlemen had drawn theirs in with Sharpies, and of course the men had simply closed their eyes and held their breath and poof… a full grown porn stache. But I’m getting off topic here. This photo is of John. And as you can see he has no mustache. John was wearing a little fake number he must have picked up at a costume store. If you didn’t know John, and didn’t notice that it was crooked, you would have never known the difference. Shortly after arrival at this bashio, I was approached by Mr. Osmanski and a wandering scandanavian nomad, Hurvey Haskins and asked to go shoot some photos at a small school ledge not too far away. I obliged and we took off. While hurvey got a few quick tricks in right away, John kept up at this blunt slide for a good 45 minutes before landing the one you’re looking at.

I dig the trick, and I dig John. But I dig this photo cause I put this useless fence in the foreground and it’s all out of focus and artsy. I think it’s fun. I also shoot this digi… but just cause you don’t know that, I’ll lie and say it is a medium format square image. It’s cooler that way… trust me.

John Osmanski – Front Blunt