“Bolsa Video……..Bolsa Video, may I help you?”

Last video I made was ‘Delirium Tremens’ and I never thought I would make another one until I got a new camera, the Panasonic AG-AC30 about a year ago. It reminded me of a VX but way lighter, HD, a built in light, and memory cards instead of tapes. The stoke and inspiration came back and I made a few Cream City clips. When the weather was looking up I started documenting along with Max Murphy (who quickly picked up the filming bug) some of our skate sessions with the homies. Was originally intended to make a quick vid (10-15 min, no premiere) and finish by Halloween but Josh decided to make ‘Wazpz.’ We agreed that if he premiered his video I would also. Harald Reynolds was also in the process of making a video and we all agreed to have a triple feature at Sky High in December. The premiere was a success! A lot of homies and new viewers showed up and everyone had a joyous time! Well, here it is ‘Bolsa Video’

Bolsa Video (may I help you?) from Gabe Chan on Vimeo.