Brad Pritt

Mini Video 76 – Sweatpants – from Josh Ellis on Vimeo.

I recently took a trip to Minneapolis with the friendly fellows from Cream City Skatepark so they could skate in the Top Shop contest at Third Lair Skatepark. On the way there we stopped at Oshkosh Skatepark and Stevens Point Skatepark. Dudes did skate moves there and they are in this video. Bonus! A little Minneapolis street skating at the end.

Skating by: Chase Hopper, Jeven Dedee, Danny Stemper, Gabe Chan, Max Murphy, Drew Rickaby, Tj Bohach, Bill Kaschner, and Matt Nordness.

Watch ‘er in HD here.

Extra bonus! Another park video from wayyy down South. By Gabe!
Happy Hour with Brenton. from Gabe Chan on Vimeo.