Britney’s Scary Clam

I’m not sure how to take this almost December, but still 60 degrees outside weather. Good sign, bad sign, it’s all so confusing. When it was October and supposed to be perfect fall weather, it was cold as crap outside. A month later, and it’s great outside. This is stupid. So is the fact that it gets dark at 4:30 and that it’s raining out. Old Man Winter sure is a weird dude. He still has pretty good magic though.

I guess it really has come down to that. So little to say that I have to talk about the weather. That is sad. Not as sad as how scared seeing Britney Spear’s nether, nether zones made me though. Also on today’s do nots is drawing electric components in Autocad and then populating circuit boards with them. Just so you know.

Again, so proud to be from Wisconsin.

Skateboarding skate photos taken in Wisconsin should be sent here.

Sometimes I think about how weird it is when names for skate spots catch on between seemingly unconnected groups of skaters. I remember Pat Acuff telling me, what must have been around ten years ago, about a spot called “Dirty Palms”. I didn’t even end up going to the spot until years later. What that has to do with kids calling it “Dirty Palms” that are thirteen and are in no way connected to any of the older dudes that coined the name I have no idea. But it’s still weird to me. Anyway, yeah, when you fall it makes you dirty. Especially your palms. I can appreciate such a utilitarian name.

Anyway, this is a photo of a nollie backside heelflip.

I can also appreciate a nosegrind with a party attitude. Even if dude’s arm is entirely missing in action. Hey, whatever, go with the flow.

Photo of the day #52

I’m not sure who this even is, but when is the last time you meloned into slime??