Carefree and Hornee!!!

I think we left off last time on Saturday morning when the Carn, Jazzercise, and The Zone were about to arrive to Milwaukee. God, was the session running deep. First thing we took it over to Philly and The Zone and Mini-Bee were killing it with some switchness. Some weird smoking dude was mean mugging, but we didn’t let it get any salt in our game at all. Next up, Gollum came out to play under the bridge, and I broke my third board in as many days. Tim let me borrow his board and I came through with the line. The painkillers were making me all loopy by that point, so we doubled up the session with even more peeps: Trevor, Le Garcon, The Captain, and Pizzy and we all piled in two cars and dropped some bombs on the ever so epic Beez Bank. Some tricks that definitely have never been done even one time on this planet Earth were caught on tape, and yet another day of filming for Beez 3 was in the basket.

After skating, the night was pretty chill. There was no 100 beer Pabst party to attend, just a fashion show that Trikki was in. Afterwords we tried to take it to the Riverhorse, but there was some weird techno noise dude playing all these gadgets set up on a folding table. Obviously we were not having any part of that, so I ended up at Yield with Pizzy of all places, and finally just rode the Dyno home kind of early and enjoyed the perfect weather.

Sunday, more skating, skating, skating. It wasn’t a huge posse like the day before though. Just Le Garcon, Pizzy, and me. We got a couple of tricks on tape, the rain came, and we finished it off with a session at Cream City. Stemper was there and was killing it like usual. After that I went home and watched Tim cut off all his hair after I gave the clippers an “oil” change for him. Make sure to email him and tell him he looks great.

Photo of the day #2

This photo was taken by Tim two or three months ago after a long day of filming for Beez 3. I just wasted a ton of everyone’s time doing a wallride over a bunch of naked ladies, and I believe this was taken right after we filmed a nerve wracking four man line. There sure was a lot of pressure on Pizzy to land that last trick whenever we made it to him. Anyway, this was a great day and one of the better days footage-wise for Beez 3 that we’ve had in awhile.

I guess maybe the theme this week can be group shots.