Josh and I get emails on a regular basis asking to do promotions or somehow have the site involved with giveaways or events that have very little to do with what we like. Josh pretty much sends all stuff like that straight to the trash, whereas I sometimes read them for a good laugh.

When I received a email with the words “Mountain” and “Dew” in the subject, I have to admit I got kind of excited. I love Mountain Dew, and my belly can attest to that.

They are having a contest, where select skate shops are invited to design a Dew label with their logo on it and have the chance to win 5000 dollars for the shop and an additional 5000 dollars for the artist. Not only that, but the label gets printed and used on the can and seen worldwide. I really like the fact that it’s not up to some suit in marketing to decide who wins this thing, but put on skateboarders and other civilians to vote for the label they like or shop they support to see who wins this thing. You can and should go to to cast your vote and help out your favorite local shop.

Now with all that being said, the nice people at Mountain Dew, Plan B and Markisa were kind enough to send me a bunch of stuff to give to you, just for being you (and hopefully voting). I have a bunch of boards, shirts and wallets (real nice wallets) to give away and I will be doing so over the next week or so.

But here’s the deal; I’m not going to just give them away, you have to go get them yourselves. I will be leaving stuff at certain places around Milwaukee. You need to go there and hope you’re not too late.

Right now, there is a Plan B deck, a shirt and a wallet at a certain place where you can buy certain things involving skateboarding. When you get there just say to the person working; “dew me” and if anything is left, you will be rewarded. But don’t be [u]phased[/u] if you’re [u]too[/u] late. I have many more boards to give away. Just keep your internet browser tuned to the wis-kate and you will have a chance.

Later nerds.