Cinnamon Hubba

Better late than later, here’s the rest of the Louisville trip:

On Sunday morning while waiting for everyone to get going I walked around and took some photos. You can just skip this part.

Instead of skating in Louisville for another day, we decided that we would head to Indianapolis and see what the city had to offer.

The crew in downtown Indianapolis. I had been told in the past that there was “nothing to skate there at all”. We actually found some pretty radical stuff in the short time we were there, so I’d say the gamble was worth it.

Bill also provided one of his wacky kickflips for this beautiful backdrop.

“Get a picture of that car.”

“I was here.” ~Gary

“Who be trying to get that grape?!?!”

At a rest step featuring a man making very loud poopies Snack Packs were obtained. That’s about as interesting as the drive home got.

In other news, here’s some very in depth writings about cats named Gary.