Whenever I am out skating with the dudes, I like to take a bunch of pictures with my iPhone and upload them to a image sharing application called Instagram. It’s fun and something cool that makes you go wow. The only problem with doing this is that it alienates the people that aren’t fortunate enough to have an iPhone and a Instagram account. Those people love to complain about it and I am sick of listening to their whiny voices whining and complaining, so today marks my first in a series of my favorite pictures taken with my phone, put through some dumb filter and uploaded to Instagram.

That bar that Matt is jumping over is extremely tall and has no run up. Also, it had a upward bank on the landing for him to smash into and make him eat crap. Which he did. But he also made it which makes this photo legit.

I manage an apartment building. I see a ton of really strange and stupid things that people do on a regular basis. Like wasting pizza. A single tear ran down my cheek this particular morning. By the way, this pizza was on the sidewalk directly outside of the front door of my building.

Over the past 2 years of filming for the upcoming Roger video, I’ve been to L.A. to film way too much. Or not enough? I’m not sure. I guess you can be the judge when the video comes out. But these two dudes make it all worth while. Thanks, two dudes.

One of my favorite things about going to Los Angeles is the laundromat near Nate’s apartment. On any given day you may see some illegal aliens coexisting.

On this day, I watched Max Murphy go through a new pair of shoes in 3 hours. I also watched him tailslide this fence a few times and do some other tricks too. I guess going skateboarding sometimes doesn’t involve skating. I now consider it a spectator sport.

Eric Risser.

Joe Pease is a gifted individual. Not only can he rip a spot, but he can also draw a great human centipede nosegrinding El Toro. This is a photo of him doing a ollie from the bump to noseblunt on the edge of the ledge.

Moving to the east side increased the distance of my walk to and from work. Fortunately, the walk got a lot more scenic. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve contemplated swan diving off that bridge to my death on my way to work. Funny that the thought never crossed my mind on the way home.

Eric Risser.

In Long Beach there once was a thriving mini-golf scene. But since the recession, there’s just not enough money around to justify this pastime. Nate still plays. Hole in one.

What’s in the box?

No better way to end my first post in years. Gary.

Later nerds!