Cool It Now

Cream City!

Video Clip??? What? Greg Lutzka was going ballistic there the other day. I finally received the clearance necessary to post this clip. You wouldn’t believe how many forms and checklists I had to fill out. It was filmed on my tiny digital camera, so it’s not the best cinematography, but it should give you an idea. Greg Lutzka – Switch Kickflip Bs Lip. Five percent of the park is now revealed. I’ve heard a lot of claims of “best park ever”. But we’ll leave that decision up to you.

Anyway, there hasn’t been a picture update in awhile, so here’s some from Cream City. But some are not. Sorry about that non 100% Cream City content. At least there’s some dog pictures in there to keep the fans happy!

I’m sick as hell. Time to go shiver in my bed.