Could it be?!

Real news you say? Hold on there tiger, the sneaker mill has been a churning…Apparently Tim O’connor didn’t like his pro model for Savier as much as it seemed because he’s off the team. Savier also lost Jani Latiala or whatever and Jose Rojo opted for Lakai.(good move) In other shoe gossip, Jamie Thomas is no longer skating for C1rca (isn’t that spelling retarded?) and rumor has him starting up a new shoe company through black box. Could it be that the C1rca video was not going to feature his part last? Could it be that he wants to steer the ship? Who knows, those of us not in the mix can only guess. The beer of choice for the skateboarder of the new millenium is Stella Artois. There is something big going down at Emerica/Etnies/Es and no one really knows what. Well, no one except lord crue, but he is not allowed to tell said troll at this particular time. I will tell you this, it has to do with that one big rider and his contract, that narrows it down to about 12 fellers. That’s all for now kiddies, until then, sleep well young prince.