Country Crock.

I don’t know what posseses me to skate at lousy parks. Maybe it’s that I am lazy, or maybe it’s because Madison is hurting for spots, but either way I always end up at the worst skateparks this area has to offer. Today was no different. Verona. Who the shit decided that pre-molded metal ramps would work? And the coping – holy smokes, is it bad (and missing, too). On top of all the obvious park flaws were the skaters that localize this cesspool of ramps. Besides the 11 year old rollerbladers throwing baseballs all over the place, there was a “crew” of fresh gangstas hip hopping all over the hip and ledge. Tough guys with attitudes. Makes skating not really fun at all.
I think I am going to go back to square one. I am going to build a two foot tall quarterpipe in my driveway and pretend like I have no idea that skateparks even exist. Ignorance is bliss. Two foot tall quarterpipes are bliss.
I just dropped a Frito in my shoe.
[link=]Here[/link] is a fun game.