Croby’s Hair Heaven

Mini Video 74 – After Credits 2010 – from Josh Ellis on Vimeo.

This is the junk that was left over after making various videos in 2010. This included the usual suspect videos, but also involved making a Roger of the Month video for Matt and Max. Another difference is the upgrade to the HD world. This world is much higher resolution, but that’s about it, I guess. Some people don’t like it for skating videos, but I think it looks pretty alright. That is all.

Doing skating – Matt Nordness, Drew Rickaby, Scott Gall, Danny Stemper, Max Murphy, Gabe Chan, Chase Hopper, Tim Olson, Eric Risser, Mike Roebke, Nick Mistele, Jeff Chase, and Pat Forster.

Watch it on the Vimeo page to see it in HD.