Cyber Bully Central 2014

fswallride6thstbridgeweb I told Jimmy he would be my favorite person of the day if he did this Fs Wallride for me. He did, so for one day and one day only I allowed an engineer to be my favorite person. Gross

wallrideharleybridgewebfs180courthouseweb Matt Nordness, Wallride and a Scary Fs 180 to thread the needle

noseslidewindow4thandnationalwebfswallride4thnationalweb Drew Rickaby, Noseslide fakie and Fs wallride.

chaseshuvitnosegrinrevesta Chase Hopper, Shuv It Nosegrind Fakie

bsnosegrindcourthouseweb Vince Stranc, Bs Nosegrind

mistelefsbigspintits Nick Mistele, Fs Bigspin