Damn Yankees.

I came across a site yesterday where you can see clips of the kids from the FA skateshop. It was mostly the typical boring, dramatic, tight pants rail skidders and gap hoppers. However, there was one kid that really got me hyped. Matt Galizia. This kid obviously doesn’t give a crap what size jeans you have on or how many stairs you ollied yesterday. He skates in his garage and driveway and does some insanely hard tricks on his freestyle board. It really makes me happy to see some kid trying to learn some random stuff instead of taking the easy way out and finding a rail to smith grind.
Kudos to you, Matt.

For all you kids stuck in Tum Yeto mode, I have some ideas that might help you break the chains of the 28 waist, slim fit opression.
Perhaps you could try out this new fashion coming not so straight from the streets of S.F.

It doesn’t look quite as gay as the stuff you’re wearing now, and you might just set a new trend.

Otherwise, if trends continue, this may be what you will be putting on in the morning.

Looks like business at Hot Topic will be booming.