Darius Rucker.

9 AM.

So begins another long day of updates. I am not feeling too inspired, but I am hoping that something kicks in and I get on track somehow.

So, with that, let’s begin…….

Tonite is the season finale of America’s Next Top Model. I know most of you follow this show religiously, so I won’t bother recapping the whole season. It’s basically down to Yaya and Amanda (there is no way Eva is going to win). My money is on Yaya (the nubian princess), but Josh has his heart set on Amanda (the blind albino). Here are some pics of the girls;



I usually like pale blonde girls, but I just caught the jungle fever for some reason.
Make sure to tune in to UPN at 7pm to catch the most shocking finale yet (and to see Josh’s girl lose).

See you in an hour!