Deep Dish – Some Bullshit

A mere six months after premiering Deep Dish 2, the crew is coming in hot with another full length video. Mark Dunning was studying in Europe earlier this year and spent some time filming some of the maniacs he met out in the motherland. The second half of the video brings us back to the ‘ol USA. Excellent, maniacal. The final part features our Milwaukee homeboy Matt Nordness – chip fueled – explosive – not to be missed. Deep Dish – Some Bullshit.

some bullshit. from DEEP DISH on Vimeo.

Filmed by – Jon Schmoldt and Mark Dunning
Edited by – Mark Dunning

Prague, Copenhagen, Malmo, Paris, New York City, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Chicago.

Brett Weinstein
Matt Nordness
Steffen Watts
Gama aka Matt Gamalinda
Nico Rizzo
Mason Barnard
Cj Kelly
& Many More!

Deep Dish Crew

Deep Dish Crew