Diarrhea – It’s A Blast!

With all of these posts Josh has been making lately, it has me waxing nostalgic. Back to a time when Wiskate was nothing more than a message board and a bunch of dudes I didn’t know (besides Pizzy). To this day, I am still not sure how I became this involved with the site, but I guess it had something to do with my visits to Milwaukee on weekends to skate with Josh and Pizzy and my perfectly honed grammar skills. Actually, I think I was supposed to be the Madison correspondent or some crap like that. Either way, here I am now, back in Milwaukee, ignoring my responsibilities to Wiskate.com. I don’t know if anyone besides Josh and McGuire has noticed, but I haven’t posted a thing in months. I guess it’s the lack of skating or the lack of interesting things going on in my life that has left me with nothing to tell you turds.

Anyway, this may be the first all text post in the better part of a year and I just wanted to mention that we will be hosting a ten year anniversary party at the Cactus Club, where there will be much reminiscing and I will even be selling shirts I had made to commemorate the past decade of radical skateboarding and non skateboarding related internet nonsense. So saddle up your Taun Taun and ride him down to Bay View for some some exciting fun on the 29th. Maybe I will buy you a drink, but you should probably buy me one instead.

Later nerds.