Diminishing Returns

Ten Years of wasted weekends.

A lot of others may have filled a lot more tapes, but this is what I’ve done over the past ten years. These tapes include Hurry Up and Die, Beez, Beez 2, Beez 3, some stuff from the mkeskate.com video, every mini video ever on the site, a few clips from “real” videos like 411’s , Shitheads, Thrasher videos, and even a clip in the Chocolate video “Hot Chocolate”. Also nonsense like: Freedom, Dirty Laundry, Fisherman’s Dream, and probably a lot of clips of Gary.

I had claimed I had “quit” filming in 2004, which is evidenced by the two tapes I filmed that year, but it looks like I filled up two or three or fifty more since my poorly implemented retirement.

I’m going to try to put together a DVD of sort of a “retrospective” to play at the ten year anniversary party, but I do have a lot of sleeping and XBox360 to take care of too, so we’ll see.