Dolphins DO Love Pizza!

Hey turds, do you remember me? Pretty random when the Carn is posting and I’m not. But hey, you have to promote your “podcasts” somehow, right?

Man, summer is so great. Backyard bbq’s, cats, skateboarding, bike rides, fireworks, 7 Mile Fair, drinking….the list goes on and on. Too bad work interferes so much with all the fun stuff. Oh well, HK as they say. I’m still having an amazing summer.

Gabe is usually a pretty mellow guy. But get a few Red Bulls in him and a Mexican wrestling mask over his head and he becomes even more deadly that El Chupacabra. On the left he cuts through some marble with a crooked grind. On the right Gabe becomes who is known as El Maricon Loco! Watch your ass.

Neal was in town again for the past couple of weeks and it was great having him around. Dude loves to skate and drink and just get wacky in general. Too bad he sucks at Wii golf. Here is a sequence of him reacting to a sketchy tailslide Gabe was trying (and did). Maybe Josh will put up the picture of said trick someday.

On Tuesday a few of us went to the Cactus Club to see Dan Deacon. Without going into extreme detail, I can’t really describe how amazing the show was. Just make sure to go see him if he happens to come to your city.

In Gary news, he is alive and well, and pissing off Josh all day.

In other news, go to Cream City. But you already knew that.

Later nerds.