Don’t care for white people so much…

The week of relaxation is proving to be excellent. I would like to thank the following parties: Youg coconuts and the neoliberal trade policies that allow them to be with me, the Loon County Cigar shop for preventing me from the garbage that is American Spirit, my dehydrator, my computer and last but not least , Dell Gifts.

This might be as good an opportunity as any to make a short plug….If any of the three people that read this are NOT planning on being in Milwaukee on Friday (Steve is obviously exempt), you need to check yourselves. This Friday is the Magna birthday. I think he’s at least 30, and I for one cannot wait for the chaos, even if I do have to move all my shit the next day. Anyone down to help? Didn’t think so fuckers…In any event, I saw Snakes on a Plane last night alone and I was the only one in the theatre. Not that it was alltogether too surprising given the size of the town that I saw it in (6000, and Wednesday night to boot!). It was a little less than expected, but it still was worth a repeat viewing, complete with dumpster corn, which is a little hard to pull off when you are the only one in the whole theatre.

After the movie I went out for a cold one by myself, which turned into quite an adventure. The first spot was a bust, karaoke and two people there that weren’t inbred. On my way back to the car I stumbled upon the townie stronghold that I was looking for. I met some wonderful people who individually assured me “I’m totally not a townie”. No really, they weren’t…and in their defense, it might be true..kinda. So here I am, sitting in the house waiting to go out again, and this night might prove to be more fruitful, in every possible way. I’m coming home in the morning though, so who knows what might happen, I could be anywhere.

That’s all for today, I have a few pics that should make things cheerful for 10-15 seconds, so enjoy. Anyone have any requests? Salt water taffy? Fudge? Airsoft guns?..Wait..