ok well theres about 8 inches of snow and its like 20 degrees or something – not much is keeping me warm except the HOT licks being thrown down by Vancouvers 3 Inches of Blood. Think umm Converge meets Iron maiden who just kicked Judas Priests ass – or Fuck, man, if the Hobbits had a metal band fronted by Frodo – this is what it would sound like. With songs titled like ‘Blazing fires of Evermore; Destroy the Orcs, The curse of the Lighthouse Keeper; Heir to the Chaos Throne; Balls of Ice, etc. You know this shits the real deal. I usually dont get down with this sorta medival nerdiness (Josh im looking at you) but goddamn, i cant deny its genius….Get your copy before its in the next Zero video. http://www.threeinchesofblood.com