Everybody’s workin’ for…

…Thursday. Yes, Thursday. Why else would they be working?

But Thursday’s people find themselves ominously close to the weekend and thus start things off early. I’m here today to let you know that you need not worry about starting things off early. In fact you may have gone a little TOO long with out a long night of binging. According to The Buffalo Theory you might be BETTER having a few of those nights every once in a while. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

You might take yourself over to Headquarters to take a look at some new photos. Last weekend your friendly neighborhood photog found himself at a few different spots trying to get a good photo. I think I got a couple. You judge… and let me know if you think they could be better. Critiques are always welcome. Hit me back, Let me know what you really think.

You can see Dan Nepscha here.
Marques Devaughn Here
and The one and only Beisel here.


In recent developments the website Agroism is back in action. You may not care, but for those of us that spend hours sitting behind a lens, this is a fantastic development. If you haven’t gotten your skate photo fix yet, you might want to start venturing over there. Skate photos like WHOA! You can register and post your stuff if you feel you’re up to the challenge. One word of caution… these boys give good honest critiques. If you can’t handle someone telling you your shit smells, then you’d best not put yourself out there.

Mr. Ellis and I have also been discussing cameras like the nerds we are. We both would really like to get our hands on a FULL frame digital camera. We’ve both been oogling the Canon 5D. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting with one on multilple occasions. I love ’em. Josh on the otherhand has been the bearer of bad luck and has never caressed such a beautiful body. It’s sad but true. Just to give you a little taste of what it’s like, I’m gonna leave you with this photo of John Osmanski beezin’ like it’s nobodies business… he even wore a tie. What a gentlemen. This particular image was shot with a Canon 1Ds. Oh what I’d give to be married to that piece of work.