Fatty Case to Get Hyped On

Matt and Max Outro Video plus Gorf Life + Friends from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

We worked on this one all summer. Matt and Max’s Outro video for Roger Skateboard‘s Roger of the Month help a buddy program. Filmed in HD, for your pleasure.

There’s quite a few fellas in this skateboarding adventure: Eric Risser, Pat Forster, Gabe Chan, Tj Bohach, Scott Gall, Chase Hopper, Tim Olson, John Rockafellow, Danny Stemper, Mike Roebke, Nick Mistele, Bill Kaschner, Drew Rickaby, Mikey Al-Wathiqui, and of course, Max Murphy and Matt Nordness.

If you don’t like HD for some reason, or like fluorescent pink triangles a lot, I uploaded a smaller flash version here too.

Thanks again to Roger, dudes are the best.